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simple tips for exam success

1. Make the most of your study time

Don’t just panic, bury your head in a heap of books and hope for the best. Get organised.

Make a schedule and work out how much time you need for each subject.

Study a little each day and give your brain a break every 45 minutes. Avoid cramming the night before – it’s not the way to guarantee a good mark.

2. Don’t just study solo 

Why not form a study group with friends? It’ll provide you with variety and moral support, plus it’s motivating to have people around you who are working towards the same goals.

3. Deal with your stress

Exam stress is perfectly normal – in fact, a little bit of stress can be a positive motivator.

However, too much of it can negatively affect your performance.

So take regular breaks, exercise daily, and spend time relaxing with friends. If you begin to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, step away from the books for a while.